A YouTube video can write your success story, but the question is how to download videos in MP3/MP4 format? 

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Download the video on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and whenever you get the time, open it and watch in offline mode - this means internet access is not needed. The downloader recourse gives you an opportunity to download video, small clippings, music, etc., convert it into any format such as MP3, MP4, AVI. 

Shed a light on how downloading/conversion acts in an expeditious way? 

Step 1: Search a video on youtube.com to download

Step 2: Copy the link 

Step 3: Paste your link.

Step 4: Press 'Download' 

Step 5: By clicking on download option, different resolutions and formats are pop up on the screen of your device. Choose what you want? At this point, YouTube Video Converter has been engaged, which will convert the downloaded video in MP3/MP4 or other formats. 

Step6: Then, click on the download button. 

Step7: After downloading, a message is brought up at the bottom left side of the laptop; "Download completed". What are the features that make YouTube converter slightly better than other alternatives? 

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No one creates a barrier in your conversation and downloading process. 

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