Why YouTube in precise? Why not something else particular for video sharing or downloading? Let’s shed a light at that now: 

 YouTube is a phenomenal online platform to watch videos, news, TV shows along with other substantial stuff. In February 2005, it came into existence and later it has grown up drastically to serve the users. At present, millions of people sitting across the world are taking advantage of YouTube to strengthen their knowledge and accomplish the business’s aims and objectives. The valuable content is available to this site. 

It permits the user’s to rate, upload, view, add to playlists, subscribe, comment, like or dislike and enjoy other elements. It is the best source for an advertisement point of view. YouTube Downloader is a premier solution you can use to download the video you want to be. 

 To download short to long video, we dependent on: 

• YouTube downloader for MAC 

• YouTube downloader for Windows etc.

Time is money, save as much as you can to apply it to disclose new options. In a multi-tasking scenario, you don’t want to hurt your work and at the same, you don’t have sufficient time to consume on downloading any software or plugin. 

It would be an amazing reading experience if you in favor to redeem your time that previously consumed by loading. 

Give a look to below points: 

1. Enter the video’s URL address you want to watch 

2. You need to make a change in the website address like replace ‘www.’ with ‘ss’. This slight change will create a relevant result in the conversion process. Suppose address is; 


change it into 


3. By renovating website address, the site will be redirected to a fresh page. 

4. When a new site pops up over your display screen, you will realize there are some options available for you to finalize your choice of format. 

 5. Once you down with your format, you can pursue watching video that gives you a pleasant feeling.

Another procedure you can follow to download YouTube video without any plugin: 


1. Same as the above explained first step; enter URL address 

2. Copy the respective URL address, and paste that into clip converter.cc. 

3. A new screen comes up with few options of YouTube Video Converter. Make up your mind to select the format that suits your work. In case, you don’t go with any format, the video automatically converted into MP4 or FLV. Then, hit the continue option. 

4. Then, you will see a chart is displayed in which different (low to high) resolution files and their sizes are available. Choose the resolution you required and click on the start button. 

5. Click on download option and enjoy the video. With correct format, Tube2Gram.com is another trustworthy platform that allows you to download YouTube video without an involvement of any other software or plugin. Spread your alertness to different video sharing sites, online services and surely at the end YouTube Downloader will create a space in today’s incredible time zone without other plugin. It has been tested, proved and applying in YouTube services (video download). If you desperately want to download a few videos but without having any other software in your system, this article will help you a lot.